Q: How can I join the Prime Membership programme?
A: You have to be aged 16 years old and above. Simply spend a minimum of S$20 net in a single receipt and proceed to register at any of our outlets. Our membership programme is absolutely free!

Q: What are the benefits of Prime Membership?
A: 1 FRESH POINT will be awarded for every $1 spent. There is a minimum spending of $10. 100 FRESH POINTs earned entitles you to $1 off total bill.

Q: Can I combine multiple receipts to qualify for Prime membership?
A: Yes you can. However, these multiple receipts must add up to S$20 or above and be dated within the same day.

Q: When does my Prime membership expire?
A: All Prime membership accounts are renewed automatically for FREE every year. No actions are required from the members. However, the terms are subjected to changes under the sole discretion of the Company.

Q: Can I transfer the ownership of my account to my family/friends?
A: No, Prime membership is strictly non-transferable.



Q: Is there a minimum spend to start earning FRESH POINTs?
A: FRESH POINTs issuance is applicable only for purchases $10 and above.

Q: Which products are eligible for earning of FRESH POINTs?
A: Every item sold in Prime Supermarket is eligible for earning of FRESH POINTs, except tobacco products and purchasing of Prime Vouchers.

Q: Can I earn FRESH POINTs for the initial transaction that was used to apply for the membership programme?
A: Unfortunately, the initial transaction is not entitled to earn FRESH POINTs. The receipt used for the application of Prime Membership Programme must be from a fresh transaction without records of FRESH POINTs issuance.

Q: Can I present my NRIC/FIN to earn FRESH POINTs instead of using Prime Membership Card?
A: Not at this moment. Kindly use your Prime Membership card to earn FRESH POINTs instead.

Q: Can I take photo of my Prime Membership card and flash it to earn FRESH POINTs instead of presenting the physical card?
A: Kindly use your physical Prime Membership card to earn FRESH POINTs instead.

Q: Can I earn FRESH POINTs after enjoying the senior citizen discount?
A: The benefits in earning FRESH POINTs and discounting of total transaction do not stack up. Members cannot earn FRESH POINTs after enjoying the senior citizen discount. They may earn FRESH POINTs as per normal if they choose not to enjoy the senior citizen discount.

Q: Can I still earn FRESH POINTs after the transaction is closed?
A: We do not allow accumulation of points after transaction is closed. Kindly present your Prime Membership card to the cashier before payment.

Q: Can I earn FRESH POINTs when I purchase via Prime Online?
A: Unfortunately, shopping on Prime Online does not entitle Prime members to any FRESH POINTs.

Q: Can I earn FRESH POINTs when I use Prime Vouchers to pay for my bills?
A: Yes, you may. However, FRESH POINTs will not be awarded only for purchase of Prime vouchers and tobacco products.

Q: Can I convert FRESH POINTs into cash?
A: FRESH POINTs cannot be exchanged for cash. Members can only redeem FRESH POINTs to offset their total bill when they purchase at any of our Prime Supermarket outlets.

Q: Can I transfer FRESH POINTs from one account to another?
A: FRESH POINTs are non-transferable unless it is a replacement for lost membership cards.

Q: Can I redeem FRESH POINTs without any photo identification for verification?
A: We strictly do not accept redemption without photo ID. This is to prevent any potential fraud.

Q: When do the FRESH POINTs expire?
A: FRESH POINTs earned in a calendar year will expire on 31st March of the following calendar year. Any FRESH POINTs not redeemed during the stipulated time period will be forfeited.

Q: Can I change my mind on my redemption if I am unhappy with my purchase?
A: Redemption of FRESH POINTs cannot be reversed once processed. Refund of FRESH POINTs will not be entertained.

Q: Can I combine FRESH POINTs earned in multiple cards into one?
A: No. FRESH POINTs are strictly non-transferable.

Q: Can I redeem my FRESH POINTs at any Prime Supermarket outlets?
A: You may redeem your FRESH POINTs at any Prime Supermarket as long as the points are valid.



Q: Can I get a replacement for my lost Prime Membership card?
A: Yes you may. However, there is a $5 replacement fee. Simply approach any of our friendly staff at any of our outlet and let them know that you wish to get a replacement card for your lost card.

Q: Can I spend $20 to register as a new member instead of paying $5 for the replacement fee?
A: The replacement fee of $5 is applicable for any replacement of lost card. Existing members cannot sign up for a new card.

Q: Can I use FRESH POINTs to pay for the replacement fees?
A: Yes, you are able to use your FRESH POINTs to pay for the replacement fees.

Q: Can I get a refund if I found my lost card and return it to Prime Supermarket?
A: Unfortunately, any replacement fees paid are non-refundable.



Q: What is the Prime Membership web portal for?
A: The main purpose of the web portal is for members to update their personal particulars and view their FRESH POINTs balance.

Q: How can I update my personal profile?
A: Members can update their personal profile by logging into our web portal via www.primesupermarket.com

Q: How can I update my NRIC/FIN?
A: Because NRIC is a very sensitive information, it cannot be edited via the member’s portal. Kindly drop us an email at members@primesupermarket.com and we will be able to assist you.

Q: Why can’t I log into the member’s web portal?
A: For new sign up, please allow 3-5 working days to process your application. However, if the login is still unsuccessful thereafter, kindly drop us an email at member@primesupermarket.com and we will be able to assist you.